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Praise for PE Explorer

The following is a list of quotes by our customers that we feel shows our pride in how we do business.

“I have been programming for 17 years Assembly, Pascal, C, C++, VB. I would say PE Explorer is a top notch piece of software. The people who work for your company seem professional and at the same time easy going, I enjoy dealing with people who can balance the two.”

John Payne

“Yay! This saved my bacon to recover some routines and constants from a dll whose source was altered and the old version never saved. That alone was worth the purchase price.”

Tim Anderson,
Predator Software, Inc.

“I find it to be VERY useful tool for DLL viewing and editing. Was surprised how easy to use it is compared to other tools out there. The UI is very intuitive with lots of cool features. Really good work!”

Andrzej Jabłoński,
Localization Engineer,
Lionbridge Technologies, Inc.

“I'd like to tell you that PE Explorer is probably the greatest tool I've ever stumbled upon. Up until recently, I've been using a lot of separate tools, some of them old command line style programs, to get the job done. No need for that now. Everything (well, almost) is right there on the toolbar.”

Chris LaJoie

“Among the programming tools, PE Explorer is a jewel for me. In spite of its small size, no related application, indeed, could reach its overwhelming features. Moreover, its smart interface increases the pleasure to use it.”

Gaétan Gagelin

Windows XP Hacks“I was trying out your tool PE Explorer that I saw in my book WINDOWS XP HACKS TIPS & TOOLS by O`REILLY and I found it very useful for exploring my computer and learning about it. One thing I really like about PE Explorer is the Dependency Scanner, I find it useful to find out what a program is up to or doing by tracking down what a program is accessing and it gives me a better understanding of my computer and the files on it.”

Wayne Lamphiere

“It's one of the most excellent tools I have ever seen for binary header analysis, I have just bought a copy of PE Explorer and WinHex for home as I think they are great compliments to each other.”

Ollie Whitehouse,
@stake, Inc

“One of the reasons that I bought PE Explorer was the Disassembler. Good stuff. The other reason is the GUI - it's really useful when trying to get an overview over a given PE file.”

Gerald Beuchelt,
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

“Most people use RESHACK (Resource Hacker). Doubtless you know of it. It's much less expensive than your product, but your product is much easier to use and requires less time to learn. It displays the information in the DLL in a very clear manner when compared to RESHACK. RESHACK just shows you raw html or script code. Your program strips this information out and displays the actual wording in the file. It also just feels more stable. I'm a former programmer and I have a feel for this, but it's hard to put into words about why a program ”feels stable”.

Jay Kelone

“I work in assembly, C and C++. After having used PE Explorer for a few months, I wonder how I managed to work without it. It's worth every cent that it costs. Thanks for developing such a great tool.”

Robert Limoges

“I've been using the PE Explorer for a while, and am very impressed with the latest version's functions -- especially the disassembler.”

Conrad Herrmann,
Zone Labs, Inc.

“Excellent for debugging & distribution problems: what DLL's to include or exclude in Installation scripts, etc. Sometimes it's absolutly necesary when working with 3rd party components and have to check which DLL's & OCX's to deploy and distribute.”

David Narodetsky

“After using your tool vs. other shareware products I felt that I was getting the best deal for my $ instead of paying $400 for Ida Pro.”

David Burlingame

“Among the products I tried (editors, dll showers, hex editors disassemblers etc.) it is one of the best because without any long studies and a little skill and patience you are able to begin to understand the way a program works and how (and it was for me the most important).”


“Thanks for producing a great shareware product. Products like yours continue to show that quality software doesn't have to have Microsoft stamped on it.”

Ron DeFulio

“I use this tool on .SYS files as I am an NT/XP device driver system architect. I was interested in understanding the way .SYS files interact with one another and this tool enabled me to understand that interaction a bit better.”

Dominick Cafarelli,
Sniffer Technologies,
Network Associates

“After running into a number of difficulties creating interops for some COM DLLs, I realized I needed a tool that could extract specific type libraries from DLLs. Even Microsoft's OleView won't give me access to a specific type library from dll. Anyway, I searched google.com for a Resource Viewer and you were right in the top of the list.
I played with your trial version for only a few minutes and I was hooked! It's even more than I was looking for and I'm happy to add it to my arsenal of tools.”

Aaron Ford

“I chose PE Explorer because of its Dependency Scanner. I do a lot of work on legacy code that calls DLL's. Knowing which DLL's are called and from which programs is quite helpful. Additionally, the resource editor has been quite useful.”

John Verbrugge,
Burke Porter Machinery Co

“PE Explorer is pretty powerful, easy to use and resource editing is really simple. Also, it has a built-in debugger, whereas many resource editors that have PE Explorer's features don't have one.”

Nikolaos Krontiris

“Thanks, I use it constantly it's a great program. :) ”

Dianna Rowland

“The gui is a lot cleaner than a lot of other programs I've tried (at least in my opionion) and it has a lot of useful functions for exploring exe's.”

Jonathan Bailey

“After using the demo version, I find that PE Explorer is cool and great, esp. the Resource Editor. I'm learning to be a programmer. Sometime I need to make a customized BMP for my clients, such as their company logo, and it was tedious to put different BMP in the resource and link them again. Now I can use your handy Resource Editor to change to BMP in just a simple way.”

Andy Lam

“Visual Studio + SourceSafe + Many Programmers means custom resourses get damaged now and then, and it's much easier to use PE Explorer to look into the exe than try and add debugging fucntions to show various things when something breaks.”

Ian Smith,
Sports Mogul, Inc.

“I purchased PE Explorer for resources editing and dependency walking, and I purchased PE Explorer over other tools because it had both in one product and it contained special support for Delphi apps (which I use).”

Kevin Kozlowski,

“I find that PE Explorer has more features than other products I've tried, and it organizes those features nicely. I can find whatever I need to know about my executables with ease.”

Clay Ruth,
Sargent & Lundy LLC

“PE Explorer is really a great product for reengineering. I was looking for a simple DLL viewer, something like MS Visual Studio's Dependency Walker. But PE Explorer's design and features killed me!”

Viktor Mykhayliv

“Your program is great, and I hope you continue to develop it.”

Pete Everett,
Princeton University


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